March 2018

Listening to thunder outside right now, reflecting on what has transpired in the last month... My son's school had an auction, which my wife and I attended. It was a two piece affair. They had a bunch of items and bundles that were setup for a silent auction. In addition to that, they had a handful of items that were handled via a live auction. That was pretty cool. I have never attended a live auction... seen them on TV, but never live. It has a certain atmosphere to it. Definitely lively. We didn't bid on anything in the live auction, but did manage to snag a few items silently. Managed to get a Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 tablet for a pretty good deal.

The entire family went for a day trip to Cranbrook. I don't remember the last time I went there. It's been forever and a day to say the least. They had a special travelling exhibit on Rome, which was really cool. They had scaled down models of a lot of things that the Romans invented and used. There were several hands-on things for the kids to get into, which kept them interested as well. It proved to be a nice mix of things for the kids and adults.

On the home front, I had to completely rebuild my Nagios host. Annoying, but its only a Raspberry Pi, so it was easy enough to burn a new image and get it back up and running. Now I just need to get the configuration files backed on my NAS and I'll be covered, should it fail again.

To end the month, I spent a week with on and off abdominal pain. I woke up one Friday with what felt like a stich in my side... like I'd been running. It went away after a couple hours, but then I had this lingering pain for several days. I figured it was gas or something, but it persisted and only went away after about 8 days. Annoying.

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